Home Owner

Home Owner

To land on this page, we believe that you’re either a home-owner or a business/organisation looking to have work carried out to your premises.


We can help.


As well as working with large construction firms, we also like to see a new family home take shape, or an old derelict building become someone’s new business or community space.


We are able to assist with the following, amongst other things:


  1. Initial discussion with regards your options with the property
  2. Draft costings prior to engaging with an architect, to prevent them designing something that you may not be able to afford – leading to delays and ultimately further costs in arranging for changes to be made to the design
  3. Discussion with your architect and designer whilst design proceeds to value engineer your scheme to budget
  4. Preparation of a tender package to send out to contractors on your behalf
  5. Assessment of quotations to ensure that bidders have priced the same elements of work without gaps
  6. Recommendation as to whom we would suggest progressing your scheme with cost advice when contractors advise of additional works and extra costs
  7. Final contractor cost analysis